Design and Illustration in Illustrated Publishing- Yasia Williams Leedham

Yasia Williams presented the publishing industry and what to expect from it. She works in Octopus Publishing Group.

What have I learnt from her lecture?

  • The importance of imprints. Big publishing houses are divided into departments with various genres/categories of interest. They often have their own trademark, even though they come from the same family. 
  • The design of the book helps to promote the content and personality of the people it is created for. When it comes to jacket design we have to remember that it has the biggest impact on the audience. A lot of people refer to visual effect in a book store. It’s your job to make sure the book your working on is distinguished from many others.
  • A lot of books nowadays are sold on the internet. It is important to account  it while designing the cover of the book. On the website they show only a miniature of the jacket, and no matter how it is awesome in normal size- if its illegible, nobody will give interest in it.

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