On Monday (4th March) Robert Ball came to visit students from Glyndwr University. He works in one of the biggest design company in the UK. He says that branding is all about appropriate work for appropriate people.

What I have learnt from Robert Ball

  • how not to promote a gallery based on the National Gallery campaign, school folders, a screensaver for a bank

don’t make a poster with a piece of art work just because is is well known. It doesn’t tell anything about the gallery, and if somebody doesn’t like the piece- your lost. Find a solution that will be less obvious, look deeper and try to find the real  problem your trying solve and thing of the way to promote it.

  • How to write a CV

the fist thing I have to remeber while creating my CV is that nobody will read it. Most importably it has to be simple. It shouldnt contain files that will be loading to long, because nobody has the time to wait. Sketches are not desirable. And remeber to keep my CV clean! Robert Ball also suggests to put on the beggining the second best piece of art work you want to show, in the middle the ones you think are ok, and leave the best art work to the end

  • how to talk with a client

While talking to a client, and thinking about the project do not consider the task as a picture, but as a problem that your trying to solve. To be honest thats what the client wants by the end of the day.

Roberts Blog


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